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Clawson Mechanical Services, Inc. is one of the leading San Angelo area Residential and Commercial  Heating Contractors.  We are a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer specializing in Bryant Heating Systems, including Heat Pumps, Packaged Systems, and Single Phase VRF, as well as HVAC Contractor service throughout Robert Lee, San Angelo, Sterling City, Ballinger, Bronte, Christoval, and the Concho Valley.


As one of the leading Heating Companies in west-central Texas, we feature Heating Repair, Service and Installation.  Additional  services we provide include Heating Repair, Service and Installation, Maintenance Agreements, Filter Subscriptions, IAQ Assessments, Refrigeration Repair, Air Conditioning Repair, Service and Installation and Sheet Metal Fabrication.

Heat Pumps

Evolution® Series Heat Pumps

Bryant® Evolution® Series heat pumps offer our highest quality efficiency and performance available. From the 2014 ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient Model, the Evolution® Extreme, to the variable-speed and 1- and 2-stage units, you can count on SEER ratings of at least 19 and the option of total control with an Evolution® Connex® control.

Preferred™ Series Heat Pumps

Preferred™ Series heat pumps deliver all-season flexibility for total home comfort, with up to 17.5 SEER ratings. Enjoy heating and cooling energy savings year-round. Available in a 1- and 2-stage unit or compact unit, the Preferred™ Series of heat pumps can take care of your comfort needs.

Legacy™ Line Heat Pumps

The Legacy™ Line heat pumps are an affordable solution to your whole-home, year-round comfort needs. Operating efficiently both in summer and winter, the Legacy Line heat pump is a great option for value heating and cooling year after year.

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Geothermal Heat Pumps

Packaged Geothermal Heat Pumps

When it comes to heating and cooling solutions, geothermal systems are extremely efficient. These packaged systems work quietly to deliver comfort in variable speed Preferred™ models or the multi-speed Legacy™ line. With the evaporator coil, condenser and compressor all in one cabinet, you can evenly heat or cool large homes easily.

Split Systems Geothermal Heat Pumps

The Split System Geothermal Heat Pumps work best with a gas/propane furnace or fan coil. The quiet, efficient operation allows you to toggle between geothermal heating and gas heating for year-round comfort.

Preferred™ Hydronic Use Heat Pump

This system is designed for water applications. You’ll enjoy the quiet and efficient operation you’ve come to expect from so many Bryant® products with the option to include hot water generation to help you save even more.

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Packaged Products

Preferred™ Series Packaged Systems

With SEER ratings up to 16, the Preferred™ Series of packaged products works overtime for whole-home comfort. The quiet, efficient operation of the Preferred™ Series is available in models ranging from a gas heat/electric cool model to a heat pump system and air conditioner. These are the top of the line packaged systems from Bryant.

Legacy™ Line Packaged Systems

Whether you’re in the market for a gas heat/electric cool system, heat pump system or air conditioner, you can trust in the Legacy™ Line of Bryant® packaged systems. These systems are affordable and provide unparalleled value.

Base Line Packaged Systems

Looking for a package system that meets your bottom line? Look no further than Base Line Packaged Systems. Consider them your reliable options for any manufactured or zero lot line home.

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Single Phase VRF

Outdoor Units

No matter the size of your building, its environment or design, Bryant VRF outdoor units are equipped to do the job. And do it well. Explore the options below to find the solution that best fits your needs.

Single-Phase VRF Outdoor Unit

Bryant Single-phase VRF systems deliver efficiency and a wide-range of versatility for residential, light commercial and commercial comfort.

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